My Story

Who is
     this guy?

Who am I? That’s a good question. My story would begin in college, with five years of Art School between here in St. John’s and in Toronto. I studied “Commercial Art” at CONA and “Illustration with a minor in Advertising” at Sheridan College. From there seven years at M5 Marketing and Communications as a Designer and Art Director, two years at Vivid Design as a Designer and ten years at The Idea Factory as a Designer and 

Art Director. 


I started JP Photo Design inc. in 2013 as a means to Freelance my work for both Design and Photography. The passion and love of all things design and artistic is seen in my work through vibrant colours and carfully choosen imagery. My medium is digital but my roots are with the sketch pad and a pencil... oh and throw in a water colour here and there.


When asked what my favorite or best piece of design or photograph is, I always say the next one. Why? We are always evolving, learning and growing so my work is much like that therefore never stale or boring. I treat every job or project like a blank canvas just waiting for the brush to explode with creativity.